Friday, May 21, 2010

Shih Tzu & Pugs UNITE!!!

In a show of solidarity with our temporarily fallen Buffalo Bill, we call a truce in the Shih Tzu vs. Pugga war on cuteness (because shih tzu are so cute they call truces and stuffs). We too take on the bandage so he knows he is not alone (shih tzu are alone though in their extraordinary cuteness).
Feel better Buffalo Bill 

Your partners in bandage


Those Elgin Pugs said...

My poor little Sugar and Beans... my sugarbean!!
I glad you called a truce for the day and decided to reunite for the called of wounded four-footies.
This is pugga momma here front and center ready to stand down on the war on who is cuter!! for now the truce shall be active.
When Anakin is back to Buffalo Bill Status reporting for Cuteness duty - watcha outta little whos and beans!! For I shall hail the Izzabutt Queen!! For she knows how to make a little shitzu scream!!
hee hee

Beans4Biscuits said...

A foolish Bean may be in love with a Izza-Pug, but a Who is enamored by no one save her cutest self. :P

Your cutely independent Who, Sugar.

Those Elgin Pugs said...

Oh, now hold on silly Who...for there shall be a time when some pug will captivate you!!
For I don't know yet that specific pug!! But he will be cuter than any old other shitzu mug!!!

Ohhh....what???/today is a new day...did the truce go away??/Hmmmmm....
The Pugga Whisperer