Saturday, July 17, 2010

We's will be famous!!!

I's let my furs grow since this pic so I can be a sexy back up Who for the Anakin Pugs band.
I even wrote him a songs to sing...

This is sung to 'Ice, Ice, Baby' by the Vanilla Ices

All right MOM, get the treats and LISTEN
Drops um in a bowl or yer hand will get BITTEN

MUNCHIES, got a hold of us TIGHTLY
We's hungry now and we don't mean SLIGHTLY

          Will we gets full, yo we don't know
          We's eat snacks 'til our bellies start to grow

          Put the treats away n we's steal 'em like a vandal
          Put the light down low n we finds 'em wif a candle

If der is a snackum, yo we finds it
Check out the treat while the Who inhales it

Chorus (sung by yer talented Who, Sugar)

Snacks, Snacks, feed us
Snacks, Snacks, feed us



Those Elgin Pugs said...


We LOVE IT!!!!!! Hold on!! Anakins whats to say somethings!!! Loves, The Managers IzZY & Josie

Hello's 'deres Sugars!! Me LOVES IT's!! Yous are IN for sure!! Yous passed the audio dishy oinions wits flying colors!!

Mommy can't stop snorting likes Josie!!

Hu Hus's!!

I'll haves me peeps e-mails yoots peeps!!

Anakin Man

The Daily Pip said...

Very nice! You are going to be a SUPER STAR!

Your pal, Pip

little princess Luna~ said...

WOW--you WILL be a SUPASTAR! all that's left is to move to hollywood or new york~!! :D


3 doxies said...

OH my evrs lovving biscuits...dat was tight. Ya'll so full of lyrical geniousness.
But you made my mum spit hers coffee aaaaall overs da 'puter screen...hehehehehehe!


Kelly said...

hehehehe! Oh, that song was AWESOME! I have a feeling you are about to be famous!

Don't go getting all famous and doing drugs and being umm... promiscuous... ok?? hehehe

Hailey said...

I can't wait to hear your song on the radio!!!

Hugs & smoochies! xoxo