Tuesday, November 16, 2010

We March!!!!

As you may remember, the momma saw a Boxer-dog she though she should adopt. I thought so too. But the Daddy thought we should wait. Wait for what I say?!?! We are Boxer-ready right now!

To let the daddy know how I felt, I staged a one-Who protest in his office today..

So far my protest has yielded no results, but I still have a few tricks up my Who-sleeve.

It's not very often the daddy says no to the momma. There was the great Shih tzu war of 2006 of course. Back then they only had Butter the Bean. The momma felt the daddy should get her a wedding shih tzu instead of a ring, and say "with this shih tzu, I thee wed". The daddy refused (fat lot of good it did him). I came along in November just like the momma wanted and the daddy got his way too cause they got married in December so I didn't get to be a wedding shih tzu.

Anyway, my Boxer quest will continue and I will let you know how it goes. After all, the daddy has NEVER said no to his Who...

Your gonna-get-me-a-Boxer Who, Sugar


Those Elgin Pugs said...

'da Josie hopes your quest for Pollux goes well!!
Josie has also been on 'da phones wits yous Daddy and explained the situations!! Now 'dis will take some extra works, but he's about ready to budge!! Hee hee...

Now... stay in his office wits 'dat sign looking cutes and just wait it outs...

Josie :0)

Dexter said...

Those boxer dogs can be kind of crazy. I know they always try to put their heads in my mouth. And they play really rough so maybe dad is right on this one. Besides, with two doggies, more love and funballs for each of you. Momma says she had three doggies for a while before I came along and it was super hard work; three walkies, three trainings, not to mention three times vet bills.


Unknown said...

BOL I love your sign - too cute!! I cant stop laughing - yall crack me up!

Corbin said...

Show him pictures of Miss. Maggie Mae! He won't be able to say no!