Sunday, June 19, 2011

I'm an Oyster!!!

As some of you may remember, I once had a personal area filled with 2 YUCK stones (extra gross pictures of my previous affliction) as big as me. It was super gross. Now they are BACK! That's right, another stone. The momma says maybe I am an oyster trying to grow a pearl. I think she may be wrong. I am supposed to eat some special food to make the pearl go away so I don't have to have surgery AGAIN. We'll see. Your friendly neighborhood Who is a little picky and will only eat certain foods (unless it's pork-I likes pork and pork likes me). We will just see if this pearl goes away. Keep your paws crossed for me!

In other news, we had TONS of fun at the Blogville pick-a-nick yesterday!!! The jumping was WHOtastic! The best part of all was when Uncle Fred jumped in and bounced the moose Hannibal right out. The momma said that Hannibal could not visit the beautiful nurse Maggie Mae because his wild behavior around lovely ladies so Uncle Fred went to check on the not-really-injured-but-faking-for-attention Hannibal...

***Army of Doritos Update***  Apparently an internet connection has been established in the jungle behind my house and the 'dillo flavor doritos are now sending the momma emails!!! Just look at this WHOspicioous communication....

Yikes! I almost forgot....Happy Fathers Day to all the daddys out there. We got the daddy here some cards and toys and moose Hannibal gave him a wrestle just like the daddy likes...
I looked in the paper for a movie to take him to...
And Butter decided he would grill out for the daddy...

So after growing a pearl, the Blogville pick-a-nick, and our Happy Fathers Day events, I am TIRED and plan on taking at least a 24 hour nap (with some snackums every couple hours).

The friendly neighborhood Who, Sugar


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OMD... You can count on ME to have my paws crossed that the pearl... goes Poof all on its OWN. I am sooooo sorry that it came back.

You had some grrrreat thingys planned fur your dad. I just KNOW he loved them all!!!

the Doritos have INVADED you email!
Aiiiiiiiiieeeee they must be furst cussins to Squirrels.
I am soooooo very much thrilled to hear that you had a good time at the Picnic. Blogville does know how to put on a Class Act.
Thanks fur coming and fur telling us that it was fun fur you!!! I will see to it that the planning committee hears about your kind words!!

Berts Blog said...

Paws crossed, double time.

I hope you feel ok too.

It must hurt a little bit.

Too bad you have to have "The Special" food. I hear it is pretty tasteless.

Take care and get rid of the pearl.


Anonymous said...

Shucks Sugar. Hope that pearl thingy goes away quick!

Too bad Hannibal was banned from Maggie Mae's tent. She is quite the dish! Ooo la la! ;P

Butter, you look terrific in your BBQ outfit. I bet your Dad was thrilled with whatever came off your grill :D

Waggin at ya,

Tweedles -- that's me said...

My paws are crossed too

Celia said...

Is Hannibal dancing with daddy? :)

Adien Crafts said...

Ooooh no Sugar, those stones sound like nasty things, that picture is horr-en-dous! We do hope you don't need surgery, you have had a busy time what with treating your Dad and all so make sure you lie back and chill out this week and maybe that will fix the pearl problem, take care little friend Dex and Lou x

snoopy@snoopysdogblog said...


You sure are a funny pup!! Glad your Dad was nice and spoiled on Fathers Day!! I wonder what you grilled him?

Good luck with the 'pearl thing' :)

Wags from Snoopy :)

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Oh Sugar! I hope you get that pearl out of you real fast like! Those can make you all hurtified!

Girlfriend, we could definitely go eat together 'cause, around here, bacon is it's own food group!

Feel better sweet girl!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Sugar! I am sure glad that Frankie introduced us! That Mayor is some pup ain't he?

I sure is sorry to hear bout the peal growin. I was wonderin if it don't go away and the Dawgtor takes it out does he keep the pearl as payment? BOL

I just hope that the pearl goes away so you can get back to eatin pork!

woos, Tessa

Angels Amber and Max DaWeenie and Mom said...

Hi Guys....So nice to meet ya'll! And thank you for visiting my postee today! We hads fun at da pick-nick too until I got bounced on my teenie weenie head and couldn't get turned over again. Bouncey...bong....boing....dats all dat I can remembers. Da next ting I nose, I was lookin' at Maggie Mae in da nurse's station.

Amber DaWeenie