Friday, July 29, 2011

Not Abducted....this time

There were some rumors I had been Who-ducted and that's where I has been! Well I is still here on planet earth (at least physically) and has been SOOPERS busy!

First thing:: I am now a Who movie star! They were filming American Pie movie 'American Reunion' right up the road!!! In our tiny little town!!! In the beginning the momma was signed up as 1 of the 15 extras they had during the scene filmed in our town. But then she decided to have my pearl stolen and couldn't do it. BUT THEN they were back again last week. Well she got to roam the stree outside of a fake 'Starbucks' (it is really a little bakery 'cause we are too little for a Starbucks here). That is when the fabulousness happened! They asked the extras if any of the people who lived within 15 minutes had a BEHAVED dog they could walk down the street. Well only 4 people lived nearby and only 3 of them even had a dog (I think person 4 was prolly some weirdo dog disliker). Then they said they wanted a little dog! Well well well, sounds like they were looking for a Who! So only the momma had a Who and she raced me right up to my the movie set! A WHOtastic woman even did my furs up and put bows over my ears (good thing they didn't try and puts a dress on me or I woulda flopped right down on the road in protest). So I got to prance right down that street and stand in front of the Faux-bucks store while all the peoples went in. Oh yeah, the momma got to holds my leash and pretend to talk to some other lady. Clearly though it was WHOs scene and they just put the momma there so I wouldn't looks WHObandoned.

Second thing: The mommas birthday was on the 26th. So 2 of her friends she has had since long before a Who, came here the weekend before and they went to Myrtle Beach (yes, she just got backs from there). But this time I wasn't jealouses cause they stayed at Anderson Resort and Spa and even though they could sees the beach, they never went. They did make-uppy stuffs and went shopping. I prefers to have my peoples shop for me. But she saids they had fun (with no pork chops I don't know how). Then when her and her friends came back they spent 2 WHOLE DAYS shopping at Mall of Georgia and going to otherr boring stuffs

Third thing: The daddy bought the momma a new laptop for her Happy Birthday and gave her other one to our girl Kat, and it took the momma furever to figures this new one out! Geeez.

So I is back for good this time and will be running around to sees what everyone has been up to.

Sugar the Who


Anonymous said...

Sugar I knew you was a star but now you really is a STAR!!!!!

When can I get you pawdagraph????

Sounds like you have had lots of fun. Glad that your feeling better. Happy Bday to WhoMom.

Have a Great Weekend.

Woos, Tessa

Anonymous said...

Sugar you have been a busy busy WHO! What fun you got to be in a movie! :D And a Happy Belated Birthday to your Mom! :D

Waggin at ya,

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Wow, Sugar - you are now even more famous than before. We will have to paw at our humans to watch for you in that movie. Any idea when it comes out?

Happy Birthday to the Mom - nice birthday trip she had. And big congrats on the new laptop.

happy weekend.

Boondocks Love Shack Pack said...

Sugar, you are just too cool for words, dawg! We're so excited to be in the compawny of a celepawty!!

Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

booahboo said...

Who's the star? hehehhehee.. lucky lucky you.. and your momma got extra lucky becos of you.. she got a actual scene.. :)

i kinda think that older smaller cafes make better coffees than those starbucky fellas. Starbuckies are just branding :)

thanks for dropping by our side and thanks for your kind words.

A happy birthday to your momma.

Two French Bulldogs said...

you are like Pawris Hilton
Benny & Lily