Monday, December 26, 2011

Warning:Repeat due to laziness

The momma is trying to buy decWHOrations for next year AND claiming her brain be fried up.
So that means she is recycling the same old post from yesterdays

She claims she will have the energy later so I can visit all the blogs....we'll see iffin she's telling the truth...
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!

Sugar the Who

The Night Before Christmas..

Twas every the night before Christmas, when all through the zoo
Not a furry beast was stirring, not even a Who
The stockings were hung by the chimney with demands care
In the hopes that Santy Paws would have snackums to share

The starving pups were nestled all snug in moms bed
While visions of pork-chops danced in their head
The parents each slept with a blanket on their face
‘Cause Boxer stinks are far worse than mace

When in the front jungle Fred started barking
Daddy looked was Santy Paws parking
To the roof and down the chimney Santy had no trouble
If he’d went through the door he coulda carried double

He was dressed in fake fur from his head to his toes
‘Cause Santy loves all animals, as everyone knows
He had a bag stuffed full of new squeaky toys
Plus pork chops for Sugar and not maybe the boys

Santy was chubby and plump, kinda like Butter is now
But don’t get mad Santy….you’re less of a cow
Santy winked his eye and to the daddy said
“Here’s some pork chops, now get that Who fed!”

Santy spoke no more but pulled out a fork
And proceeded to fill just my our stockings with pork
He found the cookies and ate at least four
And ‘cause he was stuffed he just left through the door

For Santy and the reindeer it was time to leave
To deliver snackums to pups who believe
Daddy heard him exclaim as he flew out of sight
“Merry Christmas to Blogville, and the mommas always right”

By Sugar the Who and her Christmas moose Elf....

Merry Christmas to All

The Whole Beans4Biscuits Pack,

Sugar the Who, Butter the Bean, Hannibal the Moose, Uncle Freddy, Jackson the no-nickname-yet


Anonymous said...

Just nap some more, thats what we all need after such a pawsome Christmas!

wooos, Tessa

Sage said...

We loved it! I just know you had a fun and wonderful Christmas.

We just awarded you the Kreative Blogger Award! Stop by my site to pick it (and the rules) up.

All4UrPet said...

Oh my goodness this is so adorable! I love the clever lyrical changes... and to top it off, the adorable picture of your pup with the Christmas hat on!! Makes me wish Christmas hadn't come and gone so fast! Looking forward to seeing your posts for 2012!


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