Monday, June 25, 2012

A park, a corraling, and some wax...

Well Hello There!

I thoughts I should report our no adventure having fun-filled weekend we got to spend with our Aunt Kimmy and our cousin the skunk Jazzy.

The mooseling Hannibal and Butter got to spend the whole weekend partying it up at some kind of moose-corraling center the momma calls 'daycare'. While Jackson, Uncle Freddy and most importantly I got packed up in the car for the 99 hour trip to SC. Uncle Freddy had to go to the dogonarian there soes they could beat the infection outta his ears....AGAIN! That dogonarian guy said Uncle Freddy is allergic to something (mebbe its those toads he keeps munching up) and now he is full of waxes. Wha? Crazy talk prolly. Those dogonarians is always accusing us of eatin stuffs that are good for us. Uncle Freddy prolly just snacked on a few HEALTHY chapsticks and now he's growin waxes instead of furs....

Okay, okay- so that is not really Uncle Freddy in the picture. But I'm a nice Who and I didn't want you all to do the pukes iffin you see a basset growing candles! 

We did get to go to Chau Ram park though...for like 2 minutes! WHOpposedly I got 'wild'. The momma says I raced through the waters, rubbed myself around in all the stink available, and then ran around like a 'maniac'. Iffin you want the truth here it is.....I daintily dipped my Who-toes in the fresh water stream near the falls, dried myself off in some wonderful smelling field-flowers, and then took an invigorating jog around the scenic path. Now seriously, which one of these are you going to fall for believe?

Once we got back to our jungle,  Jackson and I were forced thrilled to listen to the mooseling Hannibals stories of all the slobbering and other grossness fun things him and the Bean did at moose-corraling....

Hopefully tomorrow we can get back to training. That is iffin Freddys waxes have melted and Jacksons fixings are done. Gawd....why are all these boys broken? Boys must be awfully flimsy. 

Sugar the Who


Two French Bulldogs said...

was it worth going wild in the park or did you get in troubles?
Benny & Lily

Unknown said...

Lark in the park , yea just what the doctor ordered. Have a great day!
Best wishes Molly

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

BaaaaWaaah a candle growing basset.

My Mind's Eye said...

Sugar you are simply was such fun reading about your weekend and meeting your family!
We are looking forward to reading more
Madi your BFFF

Scooter said...

Nice to meet you Sugar. You are so cute!! You sure did have an exciting weekend!!