Monday, March 11, 2013


I has had a rough couple days here in my our Dino-infested Jungle!

The mama has been tryin to wash my brains into thinkin' those Dino's is not Dino's. Sometimes, if she was having lotsa porkchops to hand out, I was almost believing her. So last night I went to check on those giants to sees iffin I was wrong (has never happened yet).

I finally sneaked walked right into theys Dino-cave. I thought they would still be trapped in theys jail cage Butt they was NOT!!! Theys were running free! AND they was foaming at the Dino-mouth!!!...

I tried to get outta that Dino-cave before they was gobbling me up, but this one here seed me and tried to hypnotize me with the Dino-voodoo....

Then the voodooer mind-talked to the biggest Dino and told him to block me so theys could cook me up for dinners! But don't worry, I sneaked outta there fast even tho' that HUGE Dino was tryin to stop me...

After my daring escapes I tried to tell the big fool my brudder Hannibal that theys is Dino's in the Jungle and they will eat us all up. I tolds him he is kinda big too and mebbe he could chase them to someone else's jungle. I tolds him that even iffin they didn't eat HIM up that they would eats all his snackums. Well that big fool innocent dog looked like he had no ideas what a Who-eatin Dino even is!...

I even tried to tell the puny fool brudder, Jackson, about thems Dinos. I was thinkin mebbe he distract the Dinos by gettin ate up first being very cute, and I could KER-POW thems. But when I told Jackson whadya think he did in a hurry? Well that York just fainted all over the living room!...

So now I is guessin it is all up to a Who to prove they is Dinos AND catches them all! 

Don't worries, I will think of somethin.

I hope...

Your thinkin' and tryin not to get eated furend,

Sugar the Who


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OH Sugar... this is soooooo scary... WE thought that DINOS were S Tinked and stuffs now we find that they are ALIVE and living in your jungle..
It is just like in that MOVIE... they have been brought BACK. You are living in WHOassic PARK.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh Sugar, yous be very careful, them Dino's look mean and have very big months!

Your Pals
Susie & bites

GOOSE said...

Sugar you need to be very careful. They look terrifying. I hope you think of a solution and soon.

GOOSE said...

Sugar you need to be very careful. They look terrifying. I hope you think of a solution and soon.

Molly The Wally said...

Wow Sugar keep away from those pecking Dinos, they be very dangerous. Yikes I am scared. Have a terrific Tuesday.
Best wishes Molly

Kirby andLea said...

Hannibal, jackson, and sugar the who, it is so nice to meet you guys! Your names are adorable as you look (well I guess the name Hannibal isn't "adorable" but he still is!)Nice to meet you guys!

Anonymous said...

Sugar you have dinowatersaurs in your house? :O How do you sleep with all their dino stompin around? Gotta admit though, your dino's are pretty cute :)

Waggin at ya,

Shirley Broussard @Online PhD UK said...

That is the biggest dinosaur infested jungle anyone has ever seen. Oh wow most people would have been so scared to walk into a crazed dinosaur cave. You are the bravest furend ever. Hannibal is not the smartest a very helpful brudder. Good luck with the dinosaurs and do not let them eat you.

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Hawkeye BrownDog said...

Hi Y'all!

Been missin' y'all!

Hope y'all are havin' a blessed Christmas.

Hawk aka BrownDog

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