Monday, October 11, 2010

The Green Guy Returneth.....

We moved like a month ago and everyone claimed they didn't know where a Beans green guy was. Well the green guy found a Bean!!!

Sure, I have a red guy and an orange guy, and the momma and daddy claim it's the same thing....but a Bean knows his green guy!!! Do they think a Bean is color blind???

I have removed his ears and feets, just like I like :)

See how they tried to tempt this Bean with some rainbow pineapple guy? Ridiculous!

Your reunited-with-the-green-guy Bean, Butter

PS. I was checking out Pip the Lion and wanted to show him some roomates he may have hads at the Red Door Animal Shelter

This is Porkpie and Applesauce. They came from Red Door just like Pip!!! Applesauce went to that Bunny bridge last year and we misses him like crazy. But we still has the bossy PorkyPie (the momma says he looks like a ba-ba black sheep). He thinks he owns the house when the momma lets him run loose. They makes me, a bunny luvin Bean, stay in the back bedrooms when a Porkster is on the loose. They claim I am too roughs with him. HA!!! One time he climber right on top of me and pulled my furs with his bunny teeth!!! I says it's HIM that's too roughs!!!

Signed (again)
Your bunny and guinea piggy loving Bean, Butter


Those Elgin Pugs said...

Oh Bean!!! I'z think that little Miss Who hid your green guy!! She is tricky!! She prolly had him in PorkyPie's hut!! Snorts!!

Okay... Picture this... {golden girl reference duh} Summer 2005... paws through your fur... red tootsies... grrr grrr grrr.... tehees!!

Oh... I'd lock that Who in 'da bathroom.. ha ha!!


Beans4Biscuits said...


You are such a Pugga Tease!!! The Bean just passed out with his big dopey tongue hanging out of his mouths.....

Your sister-to-a-love-struck-Bean Who, Sugar

3 doxies said...

Well duh....them squirrels took it. They tooks my beer too...da nerve! I even had a foto of them drinking my beer through a freakin' straw!

Does them bunnies taste like chicken? I likes chicken.


Maggie Mae and Max said...

I am so happy you found your green guy again! :)

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

Anonymous said...

Maggie Mae

Thanks yous!!! I am happy I founds him too, he is my most favorite guy even if he barely squeaks 'cause the momma says he is full of Bean slobbers (all that ButterBean drools just means he is the most lovedEST)


It prolly was the squirrels even those I have my own BEANspicions it was my greedy Who sister, Sugar! And Puddles? No tastings my bunny and guinea piggy friends!!! I donts think you would like them anyway....they is all fat and gristles!

Your happy, non-bunny eating Bean, Butter

Unknown said...

Glad you found your green man!

Thank you for the info on the food! We feed wellness, natural balance, blue buffalo but we are always looking for something new :)

The Daily Pip said...

HI Porkpie! So, we are fostering a Red Door bunny right now! Her name is Lulu and we love her, BUT she absolutely hates my doggie butt!! Any suggestions for helping her get used to me!! I have been banned from the family room cause she flips out when she sees me!!

Your pal, Pip

Beans4Biscuits said...

Mr. Pips

I don't remember the PorkPie ever being scared! But when we first gots him the momma and the daddy made me (Butter) lay on the bed (they helds me down like a prisoner!!!) and let the bunnies hop all over and checks me out. Thats when my furs got pulled!! maybe they thought it was some grasses. They always played with Sugar though. the momma says it's cause she was their size and thought theys were more dogs.
Anyway, they never had a normal bunny cage. Their home (when they weren't loose teasing a Bean) for a long times was 2 giant doggy play pen gates in the empty, cooled and heated garage. Let me tells you they were MESSY. there was Timothy Hay EVERYWHERE. They ate so many lettuces and bunny veggies that it cut into my snackum moneys!!
I think they just got used to seeing a Bean. I still can't get to that ba-ba black sheep or that Guinea PiggyPuppy!

Your friend to the bunnies Bean, Butter

3 doxies said...

"Ssshhhhh....don't tells her I said that 'cause she mights start searching my puter for the porns again...."

I knows how to read ya know...hehehe!


Road Dog Tales said...

So glad you found your green guy. And it's really nice of you to share your place with a bunny! Mom & Dad love bunnies, but don't think they would trust us around one in the house. Dad even builds huts and stuff for 'em to hide in outside so we can't get to 'em.
The Road Dogs