Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So here I am, Fred the Sausage. I've been living with the Cande-momma for almost a month and she's been trying to fix-up a Freddy for a few months. She helped my lose some of my extra pounds. I went from a two-ton tessie (67lbs) to a slim trim Freddie (57 lbs). She took me to the doggie dentist for some toofus cleaning (and he STOLE 2 of my chompers). I guess it's no secret that I've been working out to impress a certain vintage Pugga who likes to wear sexy evening gowns. She is my Pugga Crusha.

Well, today the Cande-momma took me to a new Vet by our new house. Cande-momma said I had to go because I been shaking my heads a lot and will get a brain dent (what's that?). My long sexy ears have been infected for months and Cande-momma said it was time to try something new cause my meds weren't working. So all the ladies at the Vet fell in love with your friendly Freddy, but i didn't give them a second look (I has eyes only for my Pugga love). Then they puts a FREDometer right up my butt!! I tried to tell them the problem was my ears, not my butt. My ears have nothing to do with my hot butt! So the Vet lady told Cande-momma that I have chronic ear infections and I could go deafs!!! I told that lady I could hear her just fine! Anyway, she gaves me more meds and then a bunch of women cleaned out my ears (even though they weren't my sexy Pugga I didn't mind a bunch of ladies kissing on me and cleaning me up). It's not all bad though. The Vet said I look great for being 10 years old, and now I get extra snacks to take these pills.

Here is my infected ear:

Cande-momma says I don't like having my pic taken. She's wrong. I'm scared of the flash cause it looks a lot like a flashlight (my arch nemesis). If you look here you can see how I am able to sneak past the flash without it catching me and doing evil things to a Fred:

Your infected friend, Freddy


3 doxies said...

Hey Fred...can you hear me? Okays good! I hates to hears bout your ear probs and whole majic wand thingy up your butt. But ya knows, your Cande-mom be's taking real good cares of you.
My sissy lost 6 teefs and now we calls her snaggle toof...hehehe.
NOWS, you calls her Cande-mom...did you gets dat from Candy-Man? Bwhahahahahaha!

Puddles...drinking a beer

Those Elgin Pugs said...

Oh Freddy!! 'da Josie blows kisses in yous ear!!
Josie hopes it feels better soon and my Josie dress should be pressed really soon and we's go for a stroll in 'da field under 'da moonlight.

Hugs and kisses

`J` osie

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! LOVE you cutie floppy ears. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Road Dog Tales said...

Freddy - So sorry to hear about your sore ears and the FREDometer! Hope you are all better soon!
The Road Dogs

booahboo said...

Hi there Freddy :) Hopes you are hearing better now after you gots all the loving from the ear cleaners :) Next time the nasty flashy thing come by.. just duck :) Sometimes i just pretend to sleep.. works for me.

woofs & licks,

Unknown said...

Awwww Freddy so sorry to hear about your ears, hearing aids work really well though. Sometimes its fun not being able to hear my mommy scream at me hehehehehe.
Feel better soon dude!
we have to eat grain free food to prevent ear infections!