Friday, February 4, 2011

A Late Night Maiming in Georgia....

The Bean is at it again!!! Only this time the momma says he had a partner in crime. I will give you an incident-by-incident account of what happened here at a Who house last night....

Midnight: The momma and daddy and all of us Who's and Bean's alike go to bed (I sleeps all day so I can go to bed whenevers I want!!)

3:45 AM: 
                 The Monster Under the Bed (Butter): snarlsnortsnortgrowl
                 The momma: what the hell is going on???
                 The daddy: It's just your Bean. Go back to sleep

4:05 AM
                !!!Earthquake!!! (really it was just the Hannibal getting off the bed, but it sure FELT like an earthquake)
                LOTS of thumping and collar jangling
                The momma: Hannibal lay down!!

4:15 AM
               Hannibal:  snortsnortyawnsnort
               The Monster Under The Bed: growlgrowlsnort
               Unknown source: hackcoughcough
               The momma: That is it!!! Cool it!! Get to bed!!!

4:20 AM
                !!!9.5 Earthquake as a Bean comes out from under the bed and a Hannibal tries to get unstuck from the bed

8:00 AM
                The momma gets up and finds the following carnage around the house....

notice the terrified look on his face???

even his butt looks scared!!

8:05 AM
              The momma:  What did you 2 do?!?!?!? Why does this monkey have NO arms and NO tail???
The only (circumstantial) evidences she has is the guilty face of The Monster Under the Bed (who got right back under the bed when he heard the momma!)

a killer returns to the scene of the crime

Please note:: the only evidence against brother Hannibal was audio. The momma says his snorts and munchings have proven him guilty.

So let this be a warning to all you sock monkeys and Henrietta chickens......STAY AWAY!!! Clearly this in no kind of home for you!!!

Your not-a-sock-monkey Who, Sugar

P's & S's::: if you haven't already, don't forget to sign the petition for a National Animal Abuse Registry at


Tucker said...

Audio doesn't count. You needs photographic proof of the crime while it is taking place.

woof - Tucker

Those Elgin Pugs said...

hee hees...

Try some truth serums...


I still am shipping IzZY over 'deres

Oskar said...

He probably needed surgery, right? You were only trying to help!

Nubbin wiggles,