Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Murder in Georgia!!!

It's been a violent night here in Beans4Biscuits world. No violence from a Who of course, I spend most of my times either threatening or snuggling my brother Hannibal. Last night was a snuggle night....
(Just being near me makes him cuter)

Who would have thought that while the moose and I got our beauty sleeps, a Bean was up to no good!!! (ok, I would have thought it and the momma too)
(do NOT be fooled by that innocent look)

The Beans got a new toy last night. He kept reading about Herietta the chicky and BEGGED for one of his own.

(this is what poor chicky looked like before Bean)

Late last night, when all good WHO's were beauty sleeping, the momma heard all kinds of growlings and munchings. She jumped up and turned on the lights, and look what was found.......

(just gross)
This poor headless chicky with her innards missing! Who commits such WHOtrocities??? I'll gives you a hint, he is hiding under the bed right now! He dived under the bed when the momma threatened to beats him with headless Henrietta. HA! that hateful Bean never has gots the smackin's I would like to give him!

We will be having a moment of silence for headless Henrietta.........ssshhhh

Your full-of-innards Who, Sugar

P's & S's.....don't forget to go here and sign the petition for a national registry of convicted animal abusers.


Road Dog Tales said...

Oh, poor Henrietta! She's running around now like a chicken with her head cut off! bwahahhaha!

We're off to sign that petition now!

The Road Dogs

Wilma said...

Oh man, mom is laughing her fool head off. I don't know what is so funny about a poor innocent chicken being murdered. Sometimes I really wonder about her. I hope you don't have a serial killer on your hands.

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

OMD what did the Bean do? Poor lil chickie.

Those Elgin Pugs said...

hee hees... oh 'da Josie had to get on my vision works to see 'dis headless chicky.. oh 'da nerve.

Tell 'da Bean 'da him IzZAChunk 'dose 'dat to her toys too and even chomped my Josie monkey face toy.

I ship her over to you!!

hee hees..

Those Elgin Pugs said...

she put her paw on keyboard when I tried to type my name.. 'da nerve.