Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We're Back......With a Cause

So here I am, you friendly neighborhood Who, Sugar
(Pretty darn cute, aren't I?)
We have been out of the blogging world for months because the momma claims my new brother Hannibal needed lots of time cause he was so skinny and had been abandoned. Well he has been getting LOTS of foods (not fair cause I have a LARGE hungers too), and now we are back.

(cute, but he's no Who)

Anyway, I actually has stuffs to say today. The momma has decided that today, Febby 1st is the day for New Years resWHOlutions. Her (and all her furry babies) have decided that we will get more involved in the animal rights. We gets real tired of seeing mistreated babies out there (like my Hannibal brother). So we thought that a good way to do that would be to tell other bloggies out there some of the things they can do to help. We know that all these bloggie mommas and daddys love animals and already do LOTS to help mistreated babies. We just think that everyone wants to do everything they can to help other animals who don't have mommas and daddys as great as their own.

I know that we don't have many followers. I persWHOnally think it is because of how naughty my brother Butter the Bean is.....
(Watch Out! He's trying to Hypno-Bean you)
So, I has our cause for today.....

The momma is a supporter of the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF), and they camaigning for an animal abuser registry. This means that the coppers, and the human societies (who we hope give out lots of snackums) and even peoples, could find out where bad people convicted of animal abuse live and what mean stuff they did. It would also mean these gross people couldn't adopt more animals to mistreat.

We think it would be great if everyone could find just a few minutes to visit http://www.exposeanimalabusers.org/ and get more info's and sign the petition.

So see? Your Who Sugar really is your friendly neighborhood Who :)

Your petition signing Who, Sugar

P's & S's:::: I has no idea what's the momma has done to my blog and I TOTALLY do nots know those doggies at the top. I think they is trying to get some face time........


Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! You are back ... great n LOVE the changes you've made on your blog template. Your brother is looking good n cute too. Will definitely check out the link. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Those Elgin Pugs said...

hee hees..
Yes, Sugar you is cute! Good to see you and Hannibals is looking good toos! Is him eating yous treats all up?

IzZY stretched out my Josie dress 'da nerve!
Glad Fred liked it!

Yous bloggy looks good and we's appause yous cause..
Yes, is it a crime to rhyme.. duh.. Josie rhymes.. hee hee

who else it be

Noodles said...

I am so TOTALLY with you on this!!! HooHa! Or is it WHOha?
Love Noodles