Friday, June 29, 2012

Mooseling training and Our Girl

Did yous notice I was missing yesterday? You prolly did. Well the momma claimed was sick and her flopped in the beds all day and night and only gots up to eat some gelato (jus a fancy word for the ice creams)-and did NOT even share with hers Who!

So all the trainings we did was for the sleeping event. As you can sees here, I think there is no more trainings needed for a certain mooseling....

Since the momma was too lazy ill to take any pics of us, I thoughts I would share some of our girl Kat :)  Last month she went to a Military Ball with her hanger-on boyfriend, that lives in SC. His name is 'that boy'. The momma AND Butter the Bean took her and that boy to the dance. The Bean didn't get to go in the dance but he got to make sure that boy kepts his hands to himself. This here is our girl Kat...

Butter thought that boy was getting the handyness and gave him some threats warnings, but that boy claimed he was not knowing what a Bean was talking about...

Turns out our girl Kat needed the Himelicker. Don't worry-the himelicker is only when yur choking on a snackum-there is no licking (unless you want yur licker removed by an angry Bean)

After our girl Kat hacked up her unchewed snackum, evfurthing was okay...

The Bean did not get to hafta give a bite to that boy and our girl and that boy gots to go do the dancin.

Hopefully this weekend the momma will get outta the bed feel better and take our pictures. The boys around here still need LOTS of bossin training.

See you soon 

Sugar the Who

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Winning! and other stuffs...

I, the humble Who, WE gots an award! And we didn't even hafta bribe ask someone to gives it to us neither.

This was awarded to me us from one of our newest furiends...Rama. She is busy running her own WHOtastic blog at Raising Rama.

We is going to get to passing this fab award on to 15 other WHOpendous blogs, but furst we gotta do a few things...

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post. That is easy! Thank you gorgeous Rama at Raising Rama. We think you are pretty inspiring too (yyou have inspired the mooseling Hannibal to drool all overs the place)!

2. Share 7 things about just Sugar the Who yourself.
-If the Mooseling Hannibal gets even a tiny bit wet he walks back and forth against the mommas curtains to dry off
-Jackson still has one of his boy-parts 'cause the dogonarian couldn't find it when he was doin the fixin (nothing said these couldn't be gross stuffs).
-Butter likes to sit in a room with just the momma so she can talks the baby talks to him
-Uncle Freddy nibbles the momma and daddys toes iffin they stop rubbin his GIANT belly
-I, the Who, like to sing
-All of us dogs 'ceptin the Bean were born in SC or GA. Butter is a Yankee-bean.
-All of us has nicknames (some of us even answer to our 'other' names)....Sugar/Who, Butter/Bean, Hannibal/Moose, Jackson/BaconBit, Uncle Freddy/Rolling Thunder

3. Nominate 15 bloggers you admire.

Two French Bulldogs
Mayor Furter and Ernie
The Woos clan
Mr. Pip
Susie and Sidebite
The Heartbeats
Molly the Wally
Mango and Dexter
Murphy and Stanley

Whew! I is worn out. I was gonna tell you about all the nappings training that has been goin on here in the jungle, but now my toes is all typed out.

Instead I will leave yous with the face me and the BaconBit were forced loving to see all weeked. Our cousin (no kissin') Jazzy the Skunk.....

See you future Olympians soon

Sugar the Who

Monday, June 25, 2012

A park, a corraling, and some wax...

Well Hello There!

I thoughts I should report our no adventure having fun-filled weekend we got to spend with our Aunt Kimmy and our cousin the skunk Jazzy.

The mooseling Hannibal and Butter got to spend the whole weekend partying it up at some kind of moose-corraling center the momma calls 'daycare'. While Jackson, Uncle Freddy and most importantly I got packed up in the car for the 99 hour trip to SC. Uncle Freddy had to go to the dogonarian there soes they could beat the infection outta his ears....AGAIN! That dogonarian guy said Uncle Freddy is allergic to something (mebbe its those toads he keeps munching up) and now he is full of waxes. Wha? Crazy talk prolly. Those dogonarians is always accusing us of eatin stuffs that are good for us. Uncle Freddy prolly just snacked on a few HEALTHY chapsticks and now he's growin waxes instead of furs....

Okay, okay- so that is not really Uncle Freddy in the picture. But I'm a nice Who and I didn't want you all to do the pukes iffin you see a basset growing candles! 

We did get to go to Chau Ram park though...for like 2 minutes! WHOpposedly I got 'wild'. The momma says I raced through the waters, rubbed myself around in all the stink available, and then ran around like a 'maniac'. Iffin you want the truth here it is.....I daintily dipped my Who-toes in the fresh water stream near the falls, dried myself off in some wonderful smelling field-flowers, and then took an invigorating jog around the scenic path. Now seriously, which one of these are you going to fall for believe?

Once we got back to our jungle,  Jackson and I were forced thrilled to listen to the mooseling Hannibals stories of all the slobbering and other grossness fun things him and the Bean did at moose-corraling....

Hopefully tomorrow we can get back to training. That is iffin Freddys waxes have melted and Jacksons fixings are done. Gawd....why are all these boys broken? Boys must be awfully flimsy. 

Sugar the Who

Friday, June 22, 2012

Training the UNtrainables....

After reading that our Mayor Frankie was training up a storm, I decided my fool minions brothers had better get to work iffin they is going to win me any of that Olympic gold. So I tried to put them to training-work

Pffft, fat lotta good it did!

The momma said Jackson wasn't ready to start training yet. I is not sure why since his fixer was like a million weeks ago!

Hannibal wanted to practice his sleeping technique. Uncle Fred tried to give him some pointers, but my mooseling brother just fell asleep right in the middle of practice...

Next I tricked convinced the Bean to go out for the 'Give a Basset a Piggyback Ride' event (you never know, it coulds be added!!) No needs to go feeling all pitiesful for should be worrying about Uncle Freddy and his obvious drunky problem 'cause he rolled right off the Beans back every single time...

Nearing the ends of my patience with fools rope, I then tried to help Butter the Bean get suited up for the great 'Cook yous Who-sister some Porks on the Grill' event (it's not likes he has any real skills). But he wasteds all my efforts soes he could take a nap. I think all that drunk-basset lifting wore him out...

This has been rough work peoples! I is WHOsausted from trying to boss train this group of unskilled and mentals-lacking not-very-trainable group of boys. They has drived me insane! I is pretty sure my poor Who-brain is fried. Just looks what they has done to me....

My only hopes now is maybe when Jacksons fixings are done I can trains him to do something.

See you all soon iffin my eyeballs don't do the explodes during more bossing training of the boys.

Sugar the Who

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Who and her Fools return...

Bet you is wondering what we has been doing in this here steamy jungle, hasn't you?

Well my foolish minions brothers have been doing a whole lotta nothing...unless you wanna count snoring the roofs off and gassing up the place.

At least I has been nosing working around the jungle. Guess what I found? wha..? No, not Uncle Freddy passed-out in the driveway after yet another an all-nighter. I found this here hypno-toad spying on me..

Uncle Freddy has been tryin to help with the nosey munching them up. He is full of WHOsgusting habits now (like he wasn't gross enuff before). Plus, he is infected again! The momma and daddy are taking him to the torturer dogonarian this weekend to have the yucks beat out of him. How else is they gonna get those yucks out? I think it's Freddy's own fault fur havin' those giant flappers open after business hours....

Uncle Freddy is not the only guy here hasing to see the littlest pain-in-my-who-butt brother Jackson got broken! I is unsure of the circumstances of his breakings but he had to go to the dogonarian and get FIXED! Yep. And he must have broken his peepin-parts 'cause they had to sew him up with some rope....right by his boy-parts! and the momma couldn't even give him a bath while his ropes were in so now he is like a Pigshire Terrier....

 I has also been visiting my furends while we were cheated outta the 'puter on our break. I gots upset when I saw Puddles was attacked by a monty python and her ear tried to blow-up. But then I seed her kerazy lady took her to the torturer and the Puddles is going to be all better! Whew-just in time for the olympics! 

So that you do not start thinkin that everything here in the jungle is all gross I will leaves you with the most beautiful face you has even seen...

warning: pic may be too fabs for yous eyes to handle

I is going to catch up on all the Blogerville haps and be back for more jungle-updates soon.

Sugar the Who